Friday, July 08, 2011

Email from the wife:

Subject: Your children...

Have just devised a plan to resurrect the Titanic. They are going to divert a tornado to wash away all of the water, then there will be a giant canyon and they can just go get the Titanic - without the use of submarines or anything. Mari is worried about the sharks dying. Anthony has decided that the entire universe will be covered with water and he will call God down back to earth to help us.Okay, it has gotten out of control. Aliens have been brought in...

Thursday, June 02, 2011

In my younger years I maybe made the pronouncement that running long distances was the act of a crazy person. So, of course, I now run long distances on a regular basis. Probably means I'm crazy.

However, there are worse ways to give to charity, if you have the means, than to pay to participate in races in your area, see the sights, and get in a workout. For example, the one we did last week was the Amy Thompson Run for Brain Injury in south Kansas City. (For the record, I placed 11th in my age group and 120th overall.)

If you are interested in such things--there are walks and kid runs too--this is a pretty good page for finding races in your state.