Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Once Upon a Time Story,

by Anthony

Once upon a time there was a rabbit inside a monkey cage, and there was a banana on the rabbit and the monkey wanted it and took the banana and ate it. Then the rabbit cried and the monkey went and looked for more bananas and the rabbit looked for carrots and couldn't find any carrots. The monkey found a big pile of bananas and ate all the bananas because he was hungry, and the rabbit didn't find the carrots because he was at the zoo. But there was a giraffe and it was eating leaves and the rabbit said that rabbits don't eat leaves, they eat carrots. But then the rabbit found the guy that worked at the zoo and the guy went and got the rabbit carrots.

Then the monkey was in his cave and ate all the bananas and he was very hungry so he had a big pile of mud. And there was a pig who went by the squirrel and they saw the mud but it wasn't really mud, it was water on top of the mud, and the monkey drank up all the water in his cave. But then the monkey ate all of the hair, all of the hair on the polar bears, but the polar bears didn't want the hair so they were very happy when the monkeys ate all of the hair. And then the monkeys climbed into their bunk beds and went to sleep.

The End.