Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Anthonyisms, Part 7,682:

This past weekend all three of our children had their first sleepover at a friend's place. Our understanding is that the kids got a solid fifteen minutes of sleep, so all went well on that front.

In the morning, while the wife and I were making our way to pick them up, the kids went to a park near the house where they were staying. The park was at a church, and it had a ship or ark of some sort on the playground for the kids. The mast of the ship, of course, was a cross.

So Anthony, who goes to a Catholic preschool and is thus familiar with the key theological issues relating to Christianity, leans out one of the windows of the ship to talk to the adults standing nearby.

"Do you see that cross," he says.

"Yes," they reply.

"We killed Jesus," he says, "and took his pirate ship."

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Stephen said...

I makes perfect sense to me.