Friday, July 16, 2010

Heard at the table tonight:

Daddy: "Eat your sandwich."
Mari: "It's not my favorite!"

Anthony: "I ate my whole sandwich. I chewed it up into little bits and pieces. Like a hammerhead shark. Hammerhead sharks chew things up into little bits and pieces."

Anthony: "Mommy and Daddy, I'm going to eat all of the pudding cups in the whole entire world. Then keep buying them and bringing them home to me. Even 100,000. I mean all 10. That means keep buying them. And then when I eat all ten of them, I will feel a lot better."

Anthony: "Mommy, look what's on your head."
Mommy: "What's on my head?"
Anthony: "A Transformer."
Dominic: "April Fools!"
Anthony loudly hums soundtrack from Transformers 2.

Anthony: "Wet and sticky! That gives me an idea."

Book news. From now on, all book news will be on a page only for the book, which can be found here: A Nation Forged in War.

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